Tsipouro Festival

Tsipouro festival in Georgitsi, Laconia

The first Tsipouro Festival was held in 2003. Although it was initially a vision of a few, it was soon embraced by all Georgitsians. Now, 14 years later it is a well-established festival popular for the warm atmosphere and as well as the high quality of Tsipouro which is offered to the participants.
This festival is held annually, in October, in Georgitsi and it is funded by Cultural Association of Georgitsi, the Local Council and all its inhabitants. Plenty of tsipouro, appetizers, soup and more food are offered to the attendees, followed by dancing and wild celebration with traditional folk music.
The Tsipouro Festival takes place in the "Karvounorema" park. It is a magical place under the huge trees and a lush green space. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy nature dressed in the colours of autumn in all its glory!
The Tsipouro Festival will be held on Saturday, 20 October 2018 in the "Karvounorema" park.
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