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Γεωργίτσι Λακωνίας Γεωργίτσι Λακωνίας Γεωργίτσι Λακωνίας Γεωργίτσι Λακωνίας Γεωργίτσι Λακωνίας

Welcome to Georgitsi

If one pictures themselves a thousand meters high, on the eastern side of the Taygetos Mountain Range and just below the peak of Mount Malevos, they will see the village of Georgitsi reigning with all its natural beauty and glory.
Theatrically built at an altitude of between 900 and 1200 meters and embraced by lush greenery. Georgitsi offers the visitors a feast for their eyes; magnificent picturesque views spanning from the Arcadia Mountains to the north, and Yithio and the Laconian gulf in the south.
No wonder that it has been branded Taygetos’ Balcony, a name attributed to King George I who was stunned by its natural beauty. Overwhelming feelings of freedom and serenity flourish as one stumbles across the majestic views of mount Parnonas and the ancient banks of River Evrotas.
Georgitsi is situated 29 kilometres north west of Sparta in the Peloponnese, just 216 kilometres from Athens.



Nikiforos Vrettakos

That's How Taygetos Stood For Me

Taygetos stood for me as my mother's bosom.
It irrigated me blue, testy blood,
sun and greenery
until my soul is tied as its rock,
till in my heart its deep ravines are carved
and shape into my life its twelve peaks
so I could go up with my sole dream the sun.
αnd the sun my only thirst
Thirst as deep as the ocean,
As high as the moon,
such thirst as to sadden God.

...That's how Taygetos backed me up
till the two children of God: poetry and love,
were born inside me!

The time-lapse video shows panoramic views from Georgitsi and the marvellous sunset one can see from the house of Georgios Pantazelos.
Video credits: Dionisis Rassias


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